Creating new health systems that make quality healthcare more affordable & accessible to all- a system that works for both doctors & patients

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PPO Serve (Professional Provider Organisation services) is a company with the aim of making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible to all South Africans by creating new local healthcare systems that work for both patients and doctors.

Private healthcare is becoming increasingly unaffordable for the majority of South Africans. A major contributor is the fragmented nature of the status quo, where doctors work in isolation and charge fees individually for services rendered and not for the value created.  This fragmentation results in gaps in care that often lead to complications that make healthcare even more expensive.

Our view is that healthcare is a team sport and this is especially true of maternity care. Only a team of diverse health professionals actively working together, with standardised patient-centred care plans and tools can deliver the best care at the most affordable price. To that end, PPO Serve has designed and implemented the Maternity Integrated Clinical Consortia™ (ICC™). The model is based on the following principles:

  • A team made up of a diverse range of health professionals actively working together
  • The use of standardised holistic care plans that are individualised for each patient’s unique needs
  • The use of PPO Serve’s patient management IT system that enables the whole team to know what tasks need to be done by who and by when- this also enables comprehensive risk assessments at each visit to ensure that health risks are picked up and dealt with early
  • Alternative pricing structures that work for the healthcare team and gives patients certainty of costs upfront

Each local Birthing Team is an independent company, owned by the clinicians that work in it. PPO Serve provides all the tools and support services to ensure that The Birthing Teams work according to the ICC™ principles.

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PPO Serve is a healthcare management company that helps clinicians organise themselves into teams, called Integrated Clinical Consortia™  or ICC™ for short. An ICC™ takes many forms and will eventually be all over South Africa. PPO Serve supports clinicians in creating, implementing and managing their own ICC’s™ by providing them with a complete support infrastructure including a tailor-made toolkit and patient management IT system.