Frequently Asked Questions


How can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by contacting any one of The Birthing Teams directly, via email or telephone:

What does the programme include?

The Birthing Team offers an end-to-end maternity programme that includes antenatal care, the delivery and 3 follow-up visits after the birth of your baby.

To join you need to come for a 1st Assessment (R1 999). The first assessment happens in two phases. This first phase of this assessment is with a midwife and it includes talking through your medical history, a comprehensive education session, blood tests, receiving vitamins and a scan. You are then allocated a personalised care plan for your pregnancy and birth based on your unique needs. As part of the 1st Assessment, you also come in for a second visit, with a doctor, who assesses your risk and makes sure that the plan will work for you.

When you join our programme early, for example at 12 weeks, it will include up to a 8 antenatal visits (6 with a midwife and 2 with a doctor), as well as 3 postnatal visits with a midwife. You pay the same amount no matter when you join, so it is best to join before 12 weeks of pregnancy to ensure that you get the benefit of all your visits.

Our fee includes all required antenatal blood tests, scans and basic medicines, as set out in our care plans, as well as the costs associated with the birth, such as hospital and doctor’s fees. Even if you need a Caesarean Section for clinical reasons, it will be covered within the fee. Our programme does not involve co-payments. Note – we believe vaginal delivery is the best for mother and baby. We only perform caesarean sections if it is clinically necessary as determined by a doctor from The Birthing Team.

The Birthing Team offers a unique service where  your care is delivered by a team of experienced midwives and specialist gynaecologist/obstetricians who actively work together to ensure the best outcome for you and your baby.

Note that the Polokwane team will initially only accept women who are less than 20 weeks pregnant.

How much does it cost?

The Birthing Team charges an upfront non-refundable amount of R1 999 for a standalone first assessment. Based on the assessment, our doctor will review the results, assess your clinical situation and allocate a personalised care plan to look after your pregnancy. If there are no clinical issues or high-risk conditions the programme fee starts starts at an all-inclusive amount of R20 500, together with the initial R1 999 the full programme cost is therefore R 22 499. Note – that the different teams have different prices. All prices are 2019 prices.

If you have certain chronic conditions or major risks, we might need to incur more costs to manage your pregnancy for example if you are a diabetic you would need to have more visits and tests towards the end of your pregnancy. Your all-inclusive amount would therefore be higher. This will be discussed with you after your first assessment, so that you know exactly how much the maternity programme will cost you before you formally enrol. 

Note: we do not charge co-payments, but you are required to pay the full amount before 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Can the amount be paid off?

The first assessment amount is required upfront and is separate to the programme fee. The programme fee (which is from R20 500 based on 2019 prices) can be paid off monthly, but the full amount must be paid before 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Are you a medical aid?

No, we are not a medical aid. We are a team of health professionals that offer a maternity programme at one all-inclusive rate.

Do you accept medical aid/ health insurance?

At this stage our product is based mainly on cash payments – to date we only have an arrangement in place with MyHealth Gold members (managed by Primecure/Kaelo) Hospital or Combined Plan Option (managed by Affinity Health) & Makoti Medical Scheme Primary Option (managed by Enablemed). We are however engaging with some Medical Aids and could have other arrangements in place in future.

Note: if you are on a medical aid, but have a waiting period for maternity, this product is ideal for you. You can pay cash for our maternity programme, which covers your pregnancy and birth. Your baby should be covered by your medical scheme (according to your plan benefits) from birth onwards, but please check with your scheme to confirm.

Do you offer 3D or 4D Scans?

No, to keep the product as affordable as possible for as many people as possible, we focus only on delivering those services that are important to ensure a healthy baby and mother.

What is the price for a once off standalone visit or scan?

The Birthing Team only offers an end-to-end maternity programme. Our value lies in managing the pregnancy from beginning to end, ensuring a healthy mother and baby. We do not offer any  once off, standalone services.

You are however welcome to come for a once-off first assessment. This costs an upfront, non-refundable amount of R1 999 and will provide you with comprehensive assessment, physical, blood tests and an antenatal scan.

Can I just come in for a scan?

You are welcome to come in for a once-off first assessment, which is a standalone offering, but we do not provide any other follow up antenatal visits or scans on a standalone basis. Our value lies in managing the pregnancy from beginning to end, to be in the best place to ensure a healthy mother and baby. 

Do you offer Caesarean Sections?

At The Birthing Team we believe that normal vaginal deliveries are the best thing for you and your baby. If, however, it becomes clinically necessary, as determined by The Birthing Team doctor, we will do a Caesarean Section. If you require a Caesarean Section during the birth (based on clinical reasons) you will not be required to pay more, it is included in the price. We do not allow Caesarean Sections on patient request.

Do you allow elective C-sections?

At The Birthing Team we believe that normal vaginal deliveries are the best thing for you and your baby. We do not allow Caesarean Sections on patient request. If it is clinically necessary, as determined by The Birthing Team doctor, we will we do a Caesarean Section.

Do you allow VBACs? (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section)

If a patient has had a Caesarean Section before, there is a higher risk that they could require another Caesarean Section. This risk is much higher than women who have not had a Caesarean Section before and therefore makes the programme much more expensive to offer. We are in the process of reviewing our protocols on how we deal with VBACs across all our Birthing Teams. The Specialists in each team will assess the risks of offering VBAC in their location and will decide based on your specific circumstances.    

Do you offer epidurals?

No, we don’t offer epidurals. Our product philosophy is to keep medical interventions at a minimum. To that end, we recommend less invasive pain control methods which are as effective, and less risky for a much lower financial outlay which helps us to keep the cost of the product affordable.

Can I join when I am more than 26 weeks pregnant?

In order to deliver our product as affordably as possible without compromising on quality of care, we have to manage your pregnancy before delivery.

We therefore do not take women on just for the delivery itself. For the same reason we cannot accept women who are further along in their pregnancy than 26 weeks.

Note that the Polokwane team will initially only accept women who are less than 20 weeks pregnant.

When is the right time to come for a first assessment?

Ideally the first visit should happen at 12 weeks. Please note that we do not offer the NT scan and blood tests for screening for Down’s Syndrome as part of the program. 

Can I go for visits at other teams if I am travelling in that city?

Each Birthing Team is a separate company and therefore you need to stay within one Birthing Team. However if you need to make one visit to another city where there is a Birthing Team, they might be able to make an arrangement for you.

When I am enrolled in one Birthing Team, can I give birth at any other Birthing Team?

In order to deliver our product as affordably as possible each Birthing Team has special rates with their hospital. You therefore need to give birth in the specific hospital that your Birthing Team works in.

General medical advice

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer advice without a proper assessment. Please contact your doctor or make an appointment for a first assessment at one of The Birthing Teams.

Applications for a job at The Birthing Team

Please send us your CV at and we will keep you in mind.