Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear

What does The Birthing Team™ offer?

All inclusive end-to-end maternity programme from R22 499.00

We offer our services at one all-inclusive price so that you know exactly what it will cost you upfront and have no surprises. This covers all pregnancy related visits, blood tests, scans, medicines, doctor and all hospital costs including emergency Caesarean Sections (only where clinically necessary)

You get a personalised Care Plan based on your unique needs

You will receive a personalised Care Plan based on your history and clinical situation to ensure the best care for you and your baby. Our Care Plan covers antenatal and postnatal checkup visits (2 with a doctor), 3 scans, all necessary medicines and blood tests you need during your pregnancy. This also includes antenatal classes to ensure that you know what to expect during your pregnancy and how to care for your baby.

We have a team of specialists looking after you and your baby.

Our team includes highly experienced midwives, gynaecologists, sonographers, social workers, psychologists and dieticians.

Our Care Plans cover antenatal and postnatal checkup visits.

This includes a minimum of 11 visits (of which 2 are with a doctor), scans, all necessary medicines and blood tests as well as antenatal classes to ensure that you know what to expect during and after your pregnancy.

Our experienced midwives will deliver your baby.

Our doctors are on standby to handle a difficult birth or if anything goes wrong.

How to join

You need to book for a first assessment as early as possible

You need to pay an upfront non-refundable fee of R1,999 for your first assessment. This fee is to enable us to do all the necessary examinations and determine whether we can manage you on our programme.

The first assessment happens over two visits. The first visit is with one of our midwives to take a comprehensive history, do a thorough physical examination, blood tests and a pregnancy scan. The second visit is with our doctor, one week later, when the blood test and scan results are available. The doctor will then assess your level of complexity and work out your personalised Care Plan and your all-inclusive fee.

Enrollment onto The Birthing Team maternity programme

If you don’t have any complications or major clinical issues, the all-inclusive fee in addition to the initial assessment, is as little as R19,000. This means that even if you need an emergency Caesarean Section or hospital admission during your pregnancy it will be covered. Women with chronic conditions or major clinical issues could have a higher fee. Note, if you come early in your pregnancy, it won’t cost you more.

Want to join? Click here to find contact details for your closest Birthing Team.

Some facts you should know

How far along am I?

You have to register before 26 weeks of pregnancy to ensure that we can manage your pregnancy.

Am I in relatively good health?

To keep our prices low, we cannot take on patients who are very complex or likely to deliver prematurely.

Will I be giving birth naturally?

We promote natural births and therefore will only do a Caesarean Section if clinically necessary.

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